Welcome to the ISSP Student Journal – Insightful Imaginings!

This journal has been under construction for awhile and we, a hardworking team of students, are completely dedicated to providing all of you a platform where your work can be published, appreciated and showcased. As you can see from the ‘About Us’ page all of us are students who have gained a lot from the work that ISSP does in York, and all agreed that there are countless talented students who needed to have their voices heard.

So this is your area to be heard – we want articles on topics you’re passionate about, art that you have created, stories you have written, impressive pieces of deduction and brilliance and generally, your outstanding work! We are eager to make sure that a whole variety of subjects are displayed, hence the varied academic interests of us, your editorial team. This journal will be one that shows the brilliance of students in York, and the passion that they display for their subjects in their high-standard of work. But, ultimately, the content of this website is dictated by you, the students, and what you think is an issue that should be raised and discussed.

So get submitting your work and we will make this journal an insightful and inspiring space for all students in the York area and further!

Thank you,
The Insightful Imaginings Team

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