Broken – A powerful piece of fiction submitted by Grace in Year 10.




The photo that would break so many unsuspecting hearts. The omniscient perpetrator, her address, her age, her name; nothing was hidden. Each heartbeat got louder as the walls of the alley closed in around them. A life that would have so much potential being shattered: pulled apart and ruined.

For days, weeks he had followed her every move. Walking 2 metres behind her as she returned home and purposefully catching the same transport just to spend as much time with her as possible. He became obsessive and she became his passion and his prize. Too engrossed in herself to notice him; too arrogant to care but soon to regret.

It happened on a cold Friday night when the ebony sky gave a cover of darkness to let the monsters roam incognito between the shadows. She, the one, had come stumbling out of a club having lost her friends, her phone, not being in the right mind. Rivers of tears ran down her pretty young face. Clearly destroyed inside, she fumbled into the alley. Her insides were emptied onto the ground before she managed to drag herself into the concealed path.




The sound was so familiar to her. As she turned, she couldn’t see anyone around, she could barely see at all. Not even able to make out simple shapes of the buildings above. No matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t. Feeling a cold hand on her waist and one rising up her dress, she came back to reality. But by the time she realised what was happening, everything went black….

Hours went by until she finally woke up confused on the alley floor. Her memory of the night before was jumbled. Only able to remember pieces of things that she couldn’t quite put together. Slowly she managed to pull herself up out of the pile of vomit in the dirt. It could have been hers but she would never truly know. One thing she did know as she stood up was feeling something warm running down her leg. Taking a look with her hands all she could see and feel was red, everywhere.

After that she would never be the same.

She had been snapped.


It broke her.

Victim: teenage girl around 17 years of age, blonde hair, brown eyes.
Suicide committed at approximately 03.45 on 4/9.



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