Please Send In Your Submissions

First let me say a big thank you to everyone that has already sent in their work, we loved seeing it and having the opportunity to share it with our online community. The York ISSP and by extension the team here at Insightful Imaginings are eager to see and exhibit the brilliant work produced by you, the young and talented people of York.

With this site we are trying to produce a journal to showcase the exceptional written and artistic work that you can produce. We want to encourage learning and the sharing of ideas to build a city wide student community that takes pride in your own and other people’s talent.

With that said I would like to encourage you all to submit some more of your work, by displaying it here we can all enjoy and appreciate your talent, determination and hard work! To find out more about submitting your work please follow the instructions located under the ‘Submit Your Work’ section of our website or alternatively contact us using the details listed on the site. 

We eagerly await all of your submissions and hope that you continue to enjoy the journal.

The Insightful Imaginings Editorial Team.

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