Logo Competition

Hi everyone! We’ve had a fantastic start so far with some brilliant submissions – thank you all for sharing your work with us. 

As many of you know, we are running a logo competition for our new site. Along with our pre-existing logo, the editorial team will consider all applications and decide which we feel captures the ideals of Insightful Imaginings the best.

The logo that you design could become the new image associated with our site and as such, we want it to truly capture our goals! This being said, the logo should represent a love or learning, knowledge and shared experiences. It shouldn’t be too ‘busy’ or overcrowded as it should clearly show what it represents and ideally it will include the words ‘Insightful Imaginings’ somewhere on the piece to provide clarity.

We hope to see some of your submissions soon and please have fun creating them!

The deadline for submitting your designs is the 19th October and they should be sent to us using the guidelines and information provided under the ‘Submit Your Work’ section of our website. 

Thank you and good luck!