Real or Fake Challenge

In the era of ‘fake news’ we are constantly reminded that we must challenge what we see and hear in order to gain a more complete view of the world. At Bootham School they have taken this to the next level and are challenging themselves to identify whether a scientific study is ‘Real’ or ‘Fake’. Students were tasked with creating a write-up of a real and a fake study to test their powers of deduction. They have now kindly agreed to share that with all of us so your task is quite simple, out of the two write-ups below can you tell whether they are ‘Real’ or ‘Fake’. Maybe both are real or neither of them are…you decide! Leave your answers in the comment section and we will let you know the answer in our next Real or Fake Challenge.

1. Do people with a stronger self-control experience less fatigue and bodily stress?

Cassandra Balder and her team spent five years studying and monitoring people with a strong self-control (overall about 5500 college students who were mostly women) and found that they do not get as fatigued as people with a lower self-control. This may be because they get an estimated 20 minutes extra sleep on average than others, which improves their energy levels. Also people with a stronger self-control experienced less daily stress, seemingly because they are more organized, which relived them of physical stress.

2. Do the number of toys a toddler has effect their creativeness?

Drew Dash at the University of Toronto studied 16 toddlers aged between 18 and 30 months, they were each given around 15 individual toys to play with for 30 minutes. The toys were then taken away and replaced with building blocks and paper with crayons. Another set of toddlers were also studied, however they were only given 4 toys to play with for the same amount of time. Dr Dash found out that the toddlers who only had 4 toys had built more creative structures with the building blocks and had drawn more creative drawings than the toddlers with 15 toys to play with. He concluded that surrounding your child with more toys than necessary will decrease their creativeness.