Damian Cruden’s Talk at the York Theatre Royal

This discussion was submitted by Eleanor in Year 7 which details the events and impact of a recent talk organised by the York ISSP at York Theatre Royal delivered by Damian Cruden – the artistic director of the theatre. 

The role of theatre in the community by Damian Cruden:

I recently attended ISSP’s newest lecture about the role of theatre in the community. Damian Cruden the artistic director of York Theatre Royal delivered this fantastic lecture telling the audience about the history of York Theatre Royal. Such as how it was as big as a tennis court at the start and how the box office got its name. He also told the audience about how the theatre was not only a place to watch and enjoy performance, but also how it plays a key role in the past and the present of our social lives. Also, how York Theatre Royal and many other theatres bring the local community together. We also learned that the theatre is owned by a not for profit trust called York Citizens’ Theatre Trust.

In my opinion I think this lecture was incredibly interesting and opened our minds to how much the theatre is involved in our social lives and how valuable it is to our community. It is also a main factor for health and wellbeing. For example, doctors now give theatre tickets to people with depression rather than a prescription for medicine. I am really looking forward to the next event from ISSP because they make me approach topics from a very interesting and thought provoking angle.


Thank you for your submission Eleanor and we hope that the messages delivered in this talk allow yourself and many others to enjoy and respect the power of theatre in a whole new light!